A new business start-up Smart Coating Systems to be spun out of PEL Associates R&D shows great promise as providers of new antifouling coatings for ship hulls – a 2 ˝ billion dollar world market (10 million in CT marinas alone). Prototypes have been made, cost and market analysis is promising, key suppliers have been developed, and a potential facility has been chosen. The market is large and readily penetrated via marinas, marine supply stores, OEMs, and small boat owners. Other applications include corrosion-removal from surfaces on command, defouling of sonar domes, and periscope windows.

The concept employs specially designed coating arrays which will release a fouled layer via triggers of directed heat input from: electrical, acoustic or microwave energy. US patent has been awarded last June 24, 2008 (US 7,390,560) and another is being filed.

The method can replace or be used to advantage with heavy-metal containing antifouling paint which is labor intensive and very unfriendly to our environment. The fouled layer is activated, released, collected and bagged, and taken to a safe disposal area and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.


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The method will save fuel, keep our environment cleaner, no longer require antifouling paint which contains toxic heavy metals as the active ingredient, will decrease the introduction of dangerous species to our waters, and ships will be easier to handle and maneuver.

Market Competition
The only competition –antifouling paint- is labor intensive, with environmentally unfriendly heavy metals, and is more costly, and the heavy metals are being restricted or outlawed by many state, local and national governments including CT DEP and USA.

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